The trolley of the future is now.

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Otto Project

You like golf but taking care of your trolley is a chore that you would like to remove from your golfing routine?

Adopt today the new generation of trolley. This innovation will become your new golfing companion.

Imagine a new way of playing golf...

You are at the first tee. It's a par 4 with water on the side. You have decided to play an iron 6. Your strategy is crystal clear.

You place your ball, take a step back and visualise the trajectory of your shot.
You see exactly where your ball with end up.

You place yourself at the address and execute your swing with a perfect tempo.

Your first stoke of the day is successful. You are going to your next shot. We are taking care of your trolley.

Otto trolley

When Artificial Intelligence is at your service

Keep your energy for your swing

Walk 1 km less on you 18 holes

Stay focused

A GPS and 2 camera to have a trolley completely autonomous

More pleasure

15% more focus to delight you on the course

Artificial intelligence to your service

472 bilions operations each seconds to simplify your life

Our team

Meet who is transforming this dream into a real product.

Golf enthusiast and data specialist, I want to maximise the pleasure of the golfers on the course.

Eric CEO & IT engineer

I want to build a trolley simple to use but with the last IA technologies embedded. The golfer have a seamless experience.

Antoine CTO & IA specialist

Our robots are able to collect data on the course in real time. This allows us to accelerate the digital transformation of golf industry.

Maxime COO & Electronic engineer

I guide the team in their financial journey. I believe in this project.

Olivier Advisory Board member

Former pro player and in love with golfing, I help the team thanks to my network in the world of golf.

Justine Advisory Board Member

Otto-project is for me the opportunity for me to use my mechanical skills in an innovative context of a fascinating sport.

Laurent Mechanical engineer

Our partners

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To finalise your entry in the project, we want to meet to answer to the last questions. It is also a good time to meet the team and see the product in action.


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